Pools API

Pools API gives users the tools they need to acquire critical information on liquidity pools. It provides endpoints that may be used to obtain reserves for all known pools as well as individual reserves for a specified factory and asset pair.

In addition to that, this API offers capabilities to receive estimations of all known pools, which gives users useful forecast information that can be included into their trading methods. Users have the ability to get the estimation of a particular factory and asset combination for a perspective that is more granular.

  1. GET /api/v1/pools/reservations - The reserves of all known liquidity pools are returned by this endpoint. Reserves are funds held in a liquidity pool and used to facilitate exchange between the pool's two assets. Users can use this endpoint to check the liquidity and general status of all pools.

  2. GET /api/v1/pools/reservations/factory/pair - The reserves of a single liquidity pool defined by its factory and asset pair are returned by this endpoint. This endpoint, like the previous one, assists users in monitoring the liquidity of a given pool.

  3. POST /api/v1/pools/estimation - This endpoint returns estimates for all known liquidity pools. These estimates are often projections or predictions concerning the future condition of liquidity pools, such as liquidity, volume, and transaction costs. This data assists users in making educated judgments about where to supply liquidity or trade.

  4. POST to /api/v1/pools/estimation/factory/pair - The estimation of a given liquidity pool identifiable by its factory and asset pair is returned by this endpoint. This information, like the previous endpoint, may be utilized to make informed decisions regarding specific pools.

Overall, the Pools API area provides crucial tools for users to monitor and understand the health of liquidity pools, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding trading and supplying liquidity.

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