Pairs API

Offers a complex user interface for the information about asset pairs. Users have the option to examine a list that is particular to one exchange or all asset pairs.

Complete pair information may be obtained using the 'exchangeInfo' endpoint of the API. Orion asset pair information may be retrieved using the 'exchangeInfo/pair' API.

Last but not least, the 'exchangeInfo/pair/exchange' endpoint delivers specific asset pair details for a specified exchange. This section of the API offers a comprehensive view of the various trading pairs and the data pertaining to them.

Pairs API provides endpoints that manage and retrieve information related to asset pairs available for trading:

  1. GET /api/v1/pairs/list - This endpoint retrieves a list of all available asset pairs across the entire platform. This data enables users to see the full range of trading options available to them.

  2. GET /api/v1/pairs/list/detailed - This endpoint provides a more detailed list of available asset pairs. Beyond just providing the asset pair itself, it also offers relevant details for each pair such as the current price, volume, and other pertinent market data.

  3. GET /api/v1/pairs/exchangeInfo - This endpoint retrieves information about all available asset pairs from a specified exchange. This could include data like trading volume, liquidity, and other relevant statistics that can help users make informed trading decisions.

  4. GET /api/v1/pairs/exchangeInfo/{pair} - This endpoint retrieves specific information about a particular asset pair (denoted by {pair}) across all exchanges. This information might include the current market price, total trading volume, liquidity, and other relevant data.

  5. GET /api/v1/pairs/exchangeInfo/{pair}/{exchange} - This endpoint offers detailed information about a specific asset pair on a specific exchange. The {pair} and {exchange} parameters allow the user to specify the asset pair and the exchange, respectively.

The Pairs API provides traders with crucial information about the available asset pairs and their respective market conditions, which can aid in making informed trading decisions.

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